This little girl was SUCH a character. She stayed awake, totally alert, for three hours. She took two fifteen minute naps, and that is where I got most of the photos for her newborn gallery.

2016-05-12-san-luis-obispo-photographer-best-newborn-photography-prop-quilt-california 20160512-santa-maria-best-newborn-photographer-baby-girl-in-basket-professional-studio-central-coast-california
I am pretty sure this is my first client during my time as a newborn photographer in Santa Maria where a baby this young was awake the entire time. She also knew how to throw some major shade when she caught me trying to snap her picture.

20160512-santa-maria-best-newborn-photographer-infant-black-and-white-baby-photoshoot-california 20160512-Santa-Maria-Newborn-photographer-Baby-Photos-details-feet-toes-Central-Coast-California 20160512-santa-maria-california-pictures-of-newborn-babies-grumpy-baby-face
I took so many videos of my hand just holding her pacifier in her mouth, because she would be so grumpy if it fell out. We fed her a lot. Talked to her. Laughed every time she opened her eyes again and speared us all with a suspicious look.

20160512-Newborn-Photography-Santa-Maria-Central-Coast-California-baby-girl-photos-box-quilt-props 20160512-Santa-Maria-Professional-Newborn-Photos-Baby-in-Basket-Central-Coast-Girl-California 20160512-santa-maria-best-newborn-photographer-girl-in-basket-professional-studio-central-coast-california
Her brothers were so sweet and polite and held her so gently. Her Daddy came in to see her when she was grumpy and she settled right down when she heard the sound of his voice. They have a very special bond, those two. Her mama laughed and said none of her babies slept through their newborn photos so this must be a special tradition that I have had the honor to be a part of!
With fifteen minutes left, she drifted off into a good deep sleep and I wrapped her in every color I could reach, changed her headband quick as lightning, moved her from the basket to the beanbag and got half the gallery finished up before she could wake up and catch us red handed.
I can’t wait to see this feisty little boss lady bring the world in line just like she did to us during her visit. She will have you all in check before you even know what’s happening.


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