This little boy was a surprise, in all ways. He kept Mama on her toes all through the pregnancy, and when he arrived, it was fast and without warning! Mama was such a rock star. She looked fresh faced and was meeting every challenge with strength and grace. It was peaceful in that small room with that brand new life.

bollinger hospital visit


It is such a brief moment, this time in the hospital. All too often mothers are coming down off of the childbirth rollercoaster and are still wrapping their awareness around this new arrival. The fathers just glow and stare and touch tiny fingers. All is quiet and the world seems to descend into stillness in that little room, with every mind wondering at each small breath he takes.

These sessions feel like walking up the aisle of an empty church. No matter the laughing and crying that inevitably takes place, there is a heavy sense of the sacred in these rooms, and as always, I feel blessed to have been there.

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