The beach is a beautiful location, and even though everyone who lives near the ocean feels that it can become a bit cliché, I still think that the beach is the perfect place to create beautiful artwork from family portraits. Maybe we just become a little too accustomed to having breathtaking views at our beck and call every day and we forget how stunning it really is.2013_11_14-174854


Can you see this image classically matted and framed in the girls’ room or as a huge canvas in the living room? What’s better than hanging art in your home? Hanging art that is personal to you and your family. The girls will keep it forever, and hand it down to their kids. 2013_11_14 Moffitt 1744 thl

When shooting photos at the beach, November is great because we have more clear evenings without the fog bank rolling in like it does in the summer. Avila is also an ideal location because it’s tucked into a bay and is less likely to be windy.

2013_11_14-171424b_bw 2013_11_17-172441b 2013_11_14-175200Even though it was a perfect day, clear and still, I was amazed that it was so warm! We all got our feet wet, including me, and the water was great! We have some wacky seasons here, but usually we get some rain in November. This year it has been fun and beautiful outside.

2013_11_14 Moffitt 1743 thl 2013_11_14-174522 2013_11_14-174727_bw

What a great opportunity to have some family time, running in the water, finding beach treasures and skipping rocks with Daddy. Beautiful images aside, the family had some wonderful quality time together and the girls were soaking up every minute with joy and exuberance. It was wonderful to witness.

Fall fun days. I hope you are excited for your Thanksgiving with family! As always my family sessions remind me about the precious quality time we all focus on this time of year.