This is one of my favorite sessions ever. This family was as fun as they are gorgeous. The oldest and I had so much fun checking out the tow truck in the parking lot while mom and dad got the twins ready. The driver flashed his lights and smiled at us as he drove off, and we pointed at all the hooks and big wheels we could see. After that, he even let me hold his hand! My boy is the same age, so it’s fun to meet other kids who have the same interests that he does and make them feel like they are with me to have some fun!


Which, of course, they are!


2013_11_23-165237b 2013_11_23-165543a_bw

The twins were easy going and happy, and they smiled and clapped for us, and big brother even snapped a few photos for me!

2013_11_23-171403a_bw 2013_11_23-171356_bw 2013_11_23-170958a_bw 2013_11_23-172945

Iknow that a toddler and twins is hard work, but these parents made it look easy and fun, good for you guys! There is a lot of love in this family and it was a joy to have fun with them for the afternoon.

2013_11_23-170818a 2013_11_23-170320 2013_11_23-165035