2013_10_25 Mehigan 1719 thl

This is the Mehigan Family.

2013_10_25 Mehigan 1714 thl

And this is their darling daughter, Kate.

Mehigan double thl c Mehigan double thl a

Working with Kate is what, I assume, working with a professional must be like. She had no trouble shining that little light in front of the camera, loving on her parents, and having a generally awesome time for the entirety of the shoot. At sunset. I wanted to pinch myself.

2013_10_25 Mehigan 1716 thl 2013_10_25 Mehigan 1746bw thl

I’m sure not every day is like this, but regardless, her parents are blessed indeed.2013_10_25 Mehigan 1731 thl Mehigan double thl b

2013_10_25 Mehigan 1717 thl 2013_10_25 Mehigan 1740 thl