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Sound Familiar?

“My Husband Hates Family Photos”

Families all get nervous before their first photography session with me. I will confess, my husband hates having his picture taken, too, we are in the same boat! They are worried about the kids clothes, their clothes, if it will be super awkward, if the kids are too rowdy to sit for a photo, on and on. Your children will get dusty or throw dirt and your partner will be quietly annoyed with one of the kids and we just roll past it. I get great connection in my family photo shoots and it’s because I love people. I keep leading them to new things, take the pressure off the kids as much as possible, tell everyone where to sit so that you don’t have to guess. No one should be told to smile like an army general. They should want to smile. It should be more than a kids photo shoot, it should be family time. I make it light and easy, and it goes so fast, before you know it you are packing everyone up again. My favorite part is the text on my way home from you, telling me one of the kids is already saying, “I miss Mary, can we play with her again?”



Come out and play! It only takes a little while and you will be blown away by the results!

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