You will want to reserve your due date ahead of time. This helps make sure we get baby on the schedule soon after birth.

When I get your inquiry, I just want to make sure you have all my pricing info (which you can find here) and I will want to know whether you are interested in a mini session or a full session.

A mini session is just a quickie for baby. No family photos, no complicated naked posing, just baby wrapped up and looking cute. This is great for quality images of baby at a lower price point. It won’t necessarily take place in baby’s first two weeks, I typically schedule mini sessions on certain days in my schedule to help with studio set up. Here is an example of a finished mini session.

A full session will be a 2-3 hour session, and you will receive a watermarked gallery of around 20-30 fully edited images to choose from. You can read more about what that’s like here. Here are some examples of images that would only be included in a full session:

Once you decide to book, just let me know over email, and I will send you an invoice that you can pay online. Once that is paid, your due date is saved! I know that babies come whenever they want to, so don’t worry about booking a specific date.

Important to know: The ideal time to have our session is in the first two weeks of life. Here is why: in the first two weeks, baby is smaller, sleepier and easier to pose. Complicated poses like some of the ones you see on my page are much more difficult if not impossible to do once baby gets older.

If your baby is already older than two weeks: that’s okay! I always get beautiful galleries of older newborns and babies of all ages. But we will most likely not attempt more complicated naked poses. We will do more wrapped photos or whatever baby is most comfortable with at their stage of development.

When baby arrives just email me and I will get you on the calendar somewhere within baby’s first two weeks. Most babies come in to the studio at around 7-10 days old.

Multiples and preemies: I usually schedule your appointment within the first two weeks after all have been cleared to go home. If there are any special circumstances, just let me know! Multiples do not cost any more than single baby sessions.

Once we have a date on the calendar I will send you a confirmation email with my location, and a little more info on what to expect. I will also send a contract that you can sign online and a short questionnaire so that I can get some additional information. That’s it! You will be all set to go.

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