Lifestyle Sessions are simply newborn pictures at home!



Why are photo shoots at home so important to a child’s self esteem?

While we are buried in diapers and trying to navigate nursing, pumping and whether formula is a good idea, we miss how essential it is to keep these memories for when we are sleeping through the night again.



When your children can see themselves as part of the family unit, they feel like they belong to something greater and it helps them feel supported. So many parents out there want to capture a child’s fleeting newborn stage to preserve in photo albums for their children, but they just don’t have the time.


How do parents find the time to keep up with family pictures?


Super easy photo books.

You can schedule pictures at home once a year and have them put into a beautiful photo album and printed for the wall in a snap. Any time of year, for special occasions, even Christmas pictures, with one quick photo shoot it’s all done.

Make it easy on yourself.

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This is so fun and you will not believe how beautiful your home and family can look in my photos. Book one today!

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