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What will it be like?

I have a quiet, toasty home photography studio with lots of light. You will arrive and get settled into the couch in the studio. I have a closet full of props and wraps and headbands, and I will have everything set out ahead of time for your photo shoot. You will get ready to feed your baby and if you have other kids they will be able to play in the playroom while they warm up to the idea of having pictures taken if they need to. I have the heater blasting warm air, diapers, wipes and a place to change baby. Some time for mom to drink some water and relax while baby is eating and falling asleep. When baby is done, we start taking family pictures and move quickly on to just baby so that everyone else can sit down and enjoy. I tell you exactly where to stand and these pictures take maybe five or ten minutes to finish. So fast, so easy. Then you can kick back while I help baby move from one cozy set up to another, making sure they are warm and safe at all times.

What if my baby poops on your things? (I’m nervous)

I have clean and washed blankets, lots of cloth diapers for messes (which are bound to happen, so don’t worry!) and a sound machine on high to soothe my special guest to sleep. I am always acutely aware of newborn safety and have someone holding or hovering over baby at all times. I use Photoshop to edit out spotters whenever necessary. Sessions last about three hours and your images are ready to view in two weeks! The goal for my session is to make the experience as beautiful as your photographs.




The best time to book your session is during your pregnancy, so that I can clear the time around your due date and capture baby in the ideal window for posing, 4-12 days. If you have missed that window, that’s okay, we can still create beautiful art with babies of any age! But the sooner we book the sooner we can make effective plans for your baby pictures!

twohappylambsphotography contact info