Meet Julia and Eliot! I had so much fun playing with them, they were the sweetest babies and this family is so kind. I can’t wait to see what they look like as they grow! This is only the first half of the beautiful gallery we captured for their parents in their first two weeks.

Newborns are so fun, but add multiples to the mix and it is even more special! Expecting twins or triplets can be overwhelming, Mary at Two Happy Lambs will handle all your scheduling needs. Premature multiples, she advises waiting until weight is up to six pounds. Full term multiples can come in within the first two weeks as usual. Mary always makes sure to have assistants on hand to help with a session with multiple babies. Newborn multiples sessions may take a bit longer then the typical newborn session, but in general they are still around 2-3 hours on average, just because Mary is focused on efficiency so that parents don’t have to be overwhelmed by too long of an appointment. Family and siblings are always welcome in the session and we have plenty of coordinating props to use. Can’t wait to see you and yours!