I have a bedroom studio set right here in my home studio that I use to shoot all my family photos. I love giving families a little bit of both styles of photography- lifestyle family photos and posed newborn photos too! This allows my clients more variety in their gallery when they go to choose their final favorites. The best of both worlds.

Anyone is welcome to come along and take photos with the baby. It is special to have grandparents or aunts and uncles join in and get their own portraits with a special new member of the family. These are the first photos I take of the session before I start shooting just baby poses. I like to make sure parents feel fresh and can relax afterward and change out of any special clothes, and enjoy their break while I play with the baby for an hour or so.

Two Happy Lambs Photography has been specializing in newborn photography in Santa Maria since 2013, serving families from Arroyo Grande, Nipomo, Santa Ynez, Lompoc and Santa Barbara. If you are curious about what sessions are like you can look here, if you want to check out pricing go here, and if you are ready to book that link is here. You can book easily online and then just let Mary know within a few days of baby’s arrival and she will set up an appointment with you for your session! If you have any special questions you can email her at [email protected]